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My Giraffe shelter!

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My shelter is designed for a giraffe. It’s got tall walls so it can’t run away.

My Leopard Enclousre

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My leopard enclosure can ensure that any leopard can have a lie down, wash, and a little feast dangling from the tree. There is a landing for the leopard to climb up into the trees and have a nap in the shade. A Marwell-fitted enclosure, which all can enjoy for a lovely day out. You may see the leopard but not at all angles such as the sleep part when tired.

The shelter includes:
- 3 trees
- A bowl of food and water
- A pool to wash in
- A platform to run on
- Chunks of meat dangling from a tree.

I hope that every leopard in this enclosure has a lovely time.

My Lion Enclosure

Filed under: - ARCHIVE 2013-14 @ 22:35

My enclosure is for a lion.

It is large because lions are large. It has water for a quick dip and for water, rocks and a roofed shelter for when it rains.

Home for a Rock Hyrax

Filed under: - ARCHIVE 2013-14 @ 22:33

In ICT we have been using Sketchup to create homes for animals from Kenya.

I have created an enclosure for a rock hyrax containing some trees and a pool due to its nature.

My Cheetah Enclosure

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Year 5 have been making enclosures for animals in Kenya on Google Sketch-up.

My enclosure is for a cheetah and it has a big pool to drink out of, a platform and trees to climb up, and a hut to sleep in.

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