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What I like about Year 5

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So far in Year 5 I have enjoyed Maths, P.E. and I.C.T.
I have also enjoyed most of my clubs and I truly hope that all
the people in Year 4 love it!

[ I know you will ]

Year 5 so far

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Year 5 has ben really fun so far. I really like the art and maths science and  homework! I get along with all the teachers so far they are really nice. My fave teacher is Miss Peach and Mrs Bradley and also Mrs Glasspool . Also Mr Gerety is very funny when we do art because he makes jokes about things and sometimes he does really fun lessons . On Fridays Mrs Glasspool teaches us and she is always nice. My favourite thing is PE and Art also the I.C.T with Mrs Milne it is so fun.  French is fun too it is with Mrs Glasspool you get to do lots of different bits of French!!.

Year 5 so far

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Year 5 has been really fun so far.  I like art with Mr Garrety.  I like all the teachers especially Mrs Peach and Mr Garrety a lot. Mrs Peach always acts and laughs about things. Mr Garrety is also funny and he is really good at art too. I want both of them for a teacher.

Tamarind have Mrs Glasspool on a Monday for French and we have her on Fridays!  We have really fun lessons in year 5. Hopefully it is the same in year 6 and we have a really fun teacher! So far I like maths, science, P.E, art and I.C.T with Mrs Milne.  French with Mrs Glasspool is also really fun. We learnt how to say different animals!


My Giraffe shelter!

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My shelter is designed for a giraffe. It’s got tall walls so it can’t run away.

My Leopard Enclousre

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My leopard enclosure can ensure that any leopard can have a lie down, wash, and a little feast dangling from the tree. There is a landing for the leopard to climb up into the trees and have a nap in the shade. A Marwell-fitted enclosure, which all can enjoy for a lovely day out. You may see the leopard but not at all angles such as the sleep part when tired.

The shelter includes:
– 3 trees
– A bowl of food and water
– A pool to wash in
– A platform to run on
– Chunks of meat dangling from a tree.

I hope that every leopard in this enclosure has a lovely time.

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