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Literacy story begining

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The ice shock as the sky went grey. The heavy mamoth took onelook at the ice and started running . A thunderous earthquake  was coming.The earthquake ripped down gigantic piecies of ice.As the piecies crashed to the ground destroying the ice under them entering the freezing water. Desprately the mammoth jumped onto a long rock and hung on until it was over.

When the sea calmed, the mammoth reailesed it had lost its home land. While the mammoth survive. To be countinued.


  1. Awesome! I Ilke the ice shock story. It is creative. Harry

      Harry — 14/05/2012 @ 05:42

  2. thank you for the comment. michael

      Michael — 14/05/2012 @ 09:34

  3. Michael,
    I like the way the mood of the story changed when the sea calmed. Clever piece of writing. I shall look forward to reading the remainder of the story.

      Mr Campbell — 15/05/2012 @ 21:47

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