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Lymington River Trip

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Today we are going to the new forest to learn about rivers for Geography. We had been doing this project for quite a long time but now we were going to see it all for real!

Our first stop was the Silver steam which was at a place called Whitemoor. We took a short walk to the river. Suprisingly it was quite deep. First we measured how deep it was then we tested how fast it was going at which point Sam fell in the mud. Then Chloe drew the river and I drew the map. By this time in the day I was feeling quite excited as I had been feeling before hand. Once that was done we crossed a road and went to stand on a bridge.                    

Mrs Peach was holding some laminated pieces of paper labelled with particular places of the river. She chose different people to go and stand in the river holding the laminated pieces of paper. Then we went back to the coach so we could go to our next stop. We got off the coach and went to the next part of the river which was a lot wider and slower. It also had places where the bank had been worn away and was left with hang overs.

Our next stop was Lymington Harbour where we went to eat our lunch. Once we had finished our lunch we went to our group leaders to take part in a few activites. Then we had a short walk down to look at a swiming pool. Then unfortunatly we got back on the coach.

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