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Olympic Week!

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We had an opening ceremony and we all had different flags to hold. After that we whent to the swimming pool to do water polo it is like foot ball but you pass the ball and you have to pass the ball 4 times befor you can shoot.then we had to go in Olympic groups mine was Europe. We made olympic week scrapbooks and made friendship bracelets. We plaited bits of wool and put beads to make them.


We did hocky and it was very hard and lots of people found it confusing. in the afternoon we mde olympic mascots chloe and I made torchie the olympic torch he is pink  he has a minie olympic torch ,the olympic rings as ,bracelets ,glasses ,green eyes ,a meadle and legs.


We went to swonmore and we did geography, English ,french and maths. In geography we pretended we where indian farmers who moved from the contryside to the slums and we had to make paper bags to get money for food it was 1 rupee per 10 bags! Then we went to English we looked at different DVD covers that had things to do with action adventure. After that we had to design a DVD cover for an action adventure film we could make up names and characters. Then we went to French. First we played bingo with animals in French. Then the girls and the boys had a contest who could name the animal in French. At the  end 14 to the girls 14 to the boys. next we went to maths and did times table bingo then each table had a thing to do. The first table I was on had 3 puzzles (I could not solve it:( ) After that we had to draw 3d shapes I found it easy. at the end of that lesson we had to go home:( we all had a lovely day.


We did track and field first we did relay we had to run relay fast second we did discus theywhere relay hard third hurdles they where high then javelin they are heavy. then we whent in to olympic groups and did Olympic poems mine was about different Olympic sports in the shape of the Olympic rings.


We could not do volleyball because it was to wet. We made fact files of people that inspired us I had 4 Jessiej and Katy Perry  for singing Karen Gillan for acting and Helen Skelton for doing things for charity. I did Helen for Kayaking the Amazon walking the tight rope and getting to the south pole. Then we made a flame about inspiration. After that we went to the closing ceremony where we made a big Olympic flame of all our little ones with all the different values of the Olympics.



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