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Olympic week

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An Olympic week is when we learn about the Olympics and paralympics. We learned about how Mandeville and Wenlock were made and how they do the paralympics.  On Monday we made our scrapbooks and front covers for our scrapbooks.  We made some bracelets and we did some water polo.  On Tuesday we did our olympic values on a mind map and we did friendship, determination, excellence, courage, participation and determination and thought of what makes a good athlete.  We made our own athletics and wached a clip of Mandeville and Wenlock and we watched it a lot of times.  On Thursday we watched a film about Usain Bolt who is the fastest runner in the world and beat the world record.  We drew an athlete of our own and we had to chose what sport he does and his countrey then we had to do a poem about a person and how they get like that and we had to chose a runner, a weight lifter or a javeline thrower and we had to fill the whole person up with a poem. On Friday we did a person that inspires us and why.


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