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Our River Lymington Trip

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On Tuesday the 15th May, Year 5 went to the New Forest for a river trip.

First we did the register than we got into teams.  When the coach arrived we all got on and took off. I sat next to Charlotte.

After the coach trip we arrived at the New Forest. We had to walk for a while to reach the start of the river but that was expected.  At the river our groups had to go to different parts of river. We went to the middle. There we measured how fast flowing. When we were all done there we walked to the second place. When we arrived at the Over Water, Mrs Peach told us to get on the bridge. Then she made a real life map. There was the silver stream, directon, river beach, meander, river bed and the river bed. After that, we got back on the coach and drove to the Balmer Lawn.


At the Balmer Lawn we had to walk across abusy road to get to the River Lymington. The river had a huge cliff. We had to fill out a sheet which had all the different features of ariver. Once we had done that we got back on the coach to have our lunch.

We stopped at our last location, the harbor.  All of us went up to the band stand because it had started to spit. After that we went to explore.

At the harbor we had to fill out a sheet on which you had to find every clue that  we were near the sea but you had to find one for every letter of alphabet. We had seagull, anchor, wind sock, boats, masts, sails, odour of sea and many more. Mr Senior came over to us all and took us to a boating pool. It was massive. There were little stones at the bottom and there were loads of boats. All of us then went to the loo and got on the coach.


On the journey home I fell asleep so I can’t tell you any more. Once at school we had our parents wating for us.

 Over all it was a great trip out.

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