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River work

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River studys

the river starts of  the slow and then when it gets to the middle course it starts to get faster the reason for thats is because in the middle theres alot more room so that it gets faster and then it will have more room for it to travel across and out into the sea.Theres alot of pebbles traveling with the water however you can’t feel it when you stepin because there so small and so fast that they go straight past you.Although rivers start of small they get bigger and bigger through the process , but the river will lead into the sea through’out the system.The water,comes from the clouds leading the water coming down from the  sky leading it down to the mountains then the water slips down and leads into the river.Some rivers can also be very fast but unlike some they dont because they havent got a bigger start.some rivers  start of very slow because they have a bigger space so that all the water has more room to fit in but if they have a smaller start it means that they will go faster because theres less space and the water will be cramped together.

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