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Rivers – Geography

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In Geography we have been learning about rivers! In 2 weeks time we are going to the river Lymington. The river has 3 courses Upper, Middle and the Lower!  Rivers start with rain falling into the ground and soaking through under the ground and back up so you can see it. If you live by a mountain rain falls down the mountain and forms a river! If there are rocks in the way it makes a waterfall! The Upper course is  fairly fast but very shallow. Then the middle course, it is still quite shallow but it is slower and finally the Lower course, this leads into the sea and is very slow because its fighting against the sea and is really deap. Some waterfalls are massive and some are tiny!


  1. This is a very goodexplanation of a river.

      Rose — 11/05/2012 @ 11:43

  2. very colourful you have lernt lots;)

      Emily — 11/05/2012 @ 11:49

  3. Well done Amy you did a good job

      Daisy — 18/05/2012 @ 13:08

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