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Story Opening – The Jelly Fish

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Blue waves fell over each other as the sun shone on the water.Rose stretched her pink tenticals and then rose to the surface. A  weird feeling fulled the sea.The water started to shake and sounds came from the sea bed.Rose glided to the ground, the sting fell to the floor and she came down with it.

Bright colours reflected Roses soft skin,cuts camouflaged.Rose open her eye wondering what had happened,since she had been knocked out.



  1. Hello from Lingwood!That was a very descriptive story opener and very imaginative,not many people post about jellyfish.I wish this was a real life story.It would be famous!

      Luke and Andie — 15/05/2012 @ 12:14

  2. Hello Bea. Jessica and Declan here,Your story opening is brilliant,it would be an amazing story opening for a great story.Maybe you will be a famous author one day!

      Jessica and Declan — 15/05/2012 @ 12:23

  3. Hello Bea, we’re from Lingwood and we really enjoyed reading your story opening and would love to see some more of the book!

    [ By Elisha and George.s ]

      Elisha and George Sole — 15/05/2012 @ 13:38

  4. I like it because it had a great opening with lots of adjectives!

    Lily and George!

      George and Lily — 15/05/2012 @ 13:46

  5. Bea,
    I agree with the pupils from Lingwood Primary – You have the makings of a famous author! Excellent writing.

      Mr Campbell — 15/05/2012 @ 21:40

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