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Story Opening – The Lonely Kitten

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One wednesday afternoon a tiny kitten was in a dark and cold alleyway. The kitten was a white and fluffy and called lilly.  She was wearing a comfey lilac hat and small  nitted shoes to go with it.  SUDDENLY lilly heard a big bang.  She hid under a big suite case with a moldey sock inside then a plump lady came out to see what was in the big suite case because she had axedently thrown it out.  Se took it inside to her warm flat there was a strict rule against pets of any kind. Wen she got up stairs, the lady opened the suite case and could not say a word.


  1. Hello
    I am from Lingwood Primary School. My name is Emily. I really enjoyed reading your post. It was very good and there was lots of good description in it. The end made me want to read on. Well done Chloe.

      Emily — 15/05/2012 @ 13:45

  2. Chloe – WOW! What happens next??? Please blog on.

      Mr Campbell — 15/05/2012 @ 21:41

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