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The Year 5 River Trip!!

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On Tuesday the 15th of  May, Year 5 went on a school trip. This school trip was going to be about rivers. Our first stop was the silver stream in White Field Moor.

The silver steam is the start of the River Lymington, also known as the upper course. Here we did lots of tests like the flow of the river. To test the flow we had to get in the river. Mr Senior got his welly stuck, haha! We also tested the width and depth. Luckily no-one else got stuck. Oh yes, there was Amy. Unfortunately her welly had a hole in it!

Next we went to the real River Lymington, the middle course. We could see the erosion and deposition and we saw the meanders. We had to be careful not to fall off the edge!

Soon after,we arrived at the sea.  This is where the river joins the ocean, the lower course. Due to having breakfast early we were all hungry so the teachers decided to have lunch. After that we did some activities then we had to get back on the coach and head back home.

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