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Year 5 Lymington River Trip

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On Tueasday 15th of May, the entire year group went on a school trip! That trip was a river trip. We all came on time and got ready to go to Lymington!

The coach trip took so long, it felt like 5 hours! When we finally got there we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere!

“Where are we?” someone called.

“We are at the source of the river!” yelled one of the teachers.

So off we went then, deeper and deeper down. When we found the source we immediatly split into our groups and trudged off into the boggy distance. Measuring depth, width and flow was tricky down where we were easpecially because the sticks we thew kept on getting stuck, we moved on. We came to a larger part of the river with a bridge, but it was blocked for a while because 0f animals. We were given labels to mark the river.

Next up was Balmer Lawn. It was just down the road, like a 5 minuate trip! It was really hectic because both classes had to cross a busy road and a mini pond! But when we got across it was a lot better.

Down at Balmer lawn we looked at great examples of erosion and meanders because on the inner side the water was going really slowly and it was building up a bank and the outer side was going so fast it was cutting away at the earth making the grass hang over a cliff!

After that we set off in the coach to get to the place where the river comes out, the sea. It was really calm there but before we could do any activities we had to have lunch.

After we had finished our lunch we went off into groups to see what things made it obvious we were by the sea. The things we found included balconys, giant ocean view windows, seagulls and lifeboats!

Over in the corner we found a sea water swimming pool with boats and crabs in it! Soon after we got onto the coach and travelled back to school, on the coach lots of kids were falling asleep so it was much quieter. I fell asleep for about 5 minuates untill Chloe kept poking me say there was a cow in the road!

So it was a pretty good day overall, I got to see donkeys, horses and a river, plus I got woken up twice!

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