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Year 5 trip to the River Lymington

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On Tuesday, 15th May, Year 5 went on a river trip. We went to 3 locations and got back at school at 4pm.

The 1st location was Whitefield Moor.  There we measured the width and the depth as well as measuring the flow.  Now your question might be how did you mearsure the flow?  Well, some of  us in our groups got chosen to drop a wooden lollistick in the water and the adult with a stopwatch timed it.  I got picked and when we finished timing the stick, my feet got stuck. When I tried to pull a foot out, my wellie was left stuck.


The next location was Balmer Lawn. We didn’t spend as long there because the bank was getting eroded. We talked about were the river would end up in 100 years time.

The last location was Lymington Harbour. There we had lunch and did different activities. We looked at an outdoor swimming pool used in the olden days which I think its still used today.


Finally we got back home at 4 o’clock. The end of a tiring day.

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