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Year 5 trip to the River Lymington

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On the 15th May Year 5 went on a River trip to Lymington. Everybody was in groups and I was in Mrs Mars’ group.

When we got to Whitefield, our upper course, we all set off in our groups to look at the stream. When we got to the stream there was loads of sinking mud, so everybody kept getting stuck in the mud. First each group had to measure how fast a lolly pop stick floated down the stream. It kept getting stuck a few times. After that, we walked a bit further up the stream and whilst I was walking, my welly got stuck in the mud so I had to take my welly off. Then Bea pulled my welly out.

After we finished that, we walked to the other part of the lower course  where the river got slightly widder. Whilst we were crossing the road, there were loads of baby foals and they were very cute. When we got there, there was a bridge and the river was underneath. Then Mrs Peach asked people to come into the river and stand where they thought the certain place was. After that we walked back to the coach to go to the middle course when we arrived there was some baby donkey’s they were sooooo cute even people where stroking them. To get to the middle course we had to cross a very busy road so Mr Senior and Mrs Mars had to stand in the middle of the road. At the River we had to be very carefull because the edges were starting to break away and the water was very deap. Mrs Peach gave our group a peace of paper and we had to wright what was happening to the River. After we had finished that we walked back to the coach to the lower course where it was the begging to form into the sea. Whilst we were there we got given a sheet that had the alphabet on it  and we had to fill in every singal letter withe the word’s that you could find in the harbour. After we finished that we had lunch and got on the coach to get back home.


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