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Year Five River Trip to Lymington

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On the 15th May 2012 Year Five went to the New Forest.  The first location was the silver stream.  A silver stream is a starting point of a river.  The silver stream is in White Moor.  We had to measure the length of the river.  Your question may be how did we measure it?  Well we had seven people doing jobs. Sam, Bradley and me did the lollipop sticks.  Zac and Prajin did the stop watches.  Jacob and Michael did the tape measuring.  So that was how we did it.

The second location was Balmer Lawn. This is the place with a meander. At Balmer Lawn there were some donkeys that ran into us it was so funny. Everyone was laughing. This trip was very safe for the children but not for the teachers.  Mrs Mars had a car that almost didn’t stop.  So when we eventually we crossed the road the other side was very muddy and filled with bugs.

Mrs Brown’s group was standing next to the river it was so close to falling of the side! It was all so scary. Then we got on the coach called Alfie and the donkeys ran into us again.   The last location was Lyminton Harbour, when we got there we all had lunch we were all starving.  After lunch we had to find stuff begining with the letters of the alphabet.  My group got to Z. We also found a swan egg.

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