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All about me

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Hello my name is Olivia ,

I am nine years old. I live whith my mum, my dad and my brother. I have two baby guinea pigs called Dinky and Spike a dog called Bolt and a very old cat called Gypsy.

My hobbies in school are swimming and p.e . I like swimming because it keeps me healthy and I like p.e because it makes me more flexible.

My hobbies out of school are gymnastics and horse riding.


  1. Hi there Olivia.
    Mary from your Aussie Quadblogging school here. Sorry my class are not posting comments but we are on holidays here for the next two weeks! Your house sounds like a busy place with your family and all the animals! Do you help to care for the animals? What kinds of things do you need to do? We have a dog in our house and he has just been on a holiday to a friend’s house while we have been away. He has come home exhausted as they have a lot of space and he spends a lot of time running around chasing their dog! It is great to hear that you love PE and swimming. You are right, they will both keep you healthy.
    Look forward to reading some more from you,
    Mary (Holy Spirit)

      Mary — 27/09/2012 @ 11:42

  2. hi olivia nice hobbies I like swimming and P.E to

      Charlotte — 01/10/2012 @ 09:18

  3. my hobbies are swimming as well i like pe inside

      jayden — 01/10/2012 @ 10:21

  4. Hi Olivia,
    I’ve just found out loads about you! I’ve also got 2 guinie pigs one called pineapple and another called Bolt!!! Funny ’cause your’e dog is called that too! Thanks for posting it.
    Amy 🙂

      Amy — 01/10/2012 @ 09:18

  5. I like swimming as well,because i like almost everything involving water

      Benjamin — 01/10/2012 @ 09:29

  6. I like swimming to and P.e

      Victoria — 01/10/2012 @ 09:32

  7. i think tinnkerbell my cat is going to have her kittens soon

      James — 01/10/2012 @ 10:21

  8. hey liv
    your house sounds inter..resting
    bolt and your gunia pigs sound coooool
    see you in class

      Caitlin S — 01/10/2012 @ 10:22

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