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Draggobileanes are very common species of dragon that is kind to humans.

Draggobileanes are easy to identify as they flash different colours.  They are 40cm long and have two mouths. Adults develop more colours through age. However, juveniles only have two colours. Draggobileanes are found across Bishops Waltham in homes where humans will feed them. They nest in baths and, with their flashing colours, if theres a power cut thay can light it up.

While most dragons are renowned for hoarding treasure, Draggobileanes have no intrest in teeth, fangs or any poisonous claws. It is only interested in making miniature wonderlands and severel  of their miniature wonderlands have become world famous. These beautiful and active creatures will eat anything you give them. If you don’t feed them they might eat your horses. While there breath is warm, they do not breath fire. They present no danger to humans and some have bean trained for shows.

Dragonologists have bean concerned for many years that their habit of eating horses will put humans off feeding them. Where their locations have bean discovered, they are not keept secret because they’re not in danger of being extinct. To protect them, make sure to feed them.  It would be disasterous  if another species of dragon became extinct.


  1. That is a very creative dragon Daniel and I like the idea that the Draggobileanes takes no interest in teeth, fangs or any poisonous claws.

      Nathan — 04/02/2013 @ 09:37

  2. The name is very weird but it is a dragon so it could be called anything!

      Millie — 04/02/2013 @ 10:19

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