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Friday 25th January 2013 – Surrealism

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In our art work this term, we are looking at the concepts of surrealism and camouflage.  Last week, we looked at some jungle photographs, and sketched some elements we liked into our art diaries.  This week, we started to sketch out some ideas for our own jungle pictures with a surrealist twist.  We will be completing these pieces of work over the next couple of weeks, but here are some previews in the meantime.


  1. I love that you have explored camouflage and the techniques of surrealism. I had never thought of approaching surrealism this way. What will your camouflage look like I wonder?

      Ms Bee on behalf of the Neinsteins — 26/01/2013 @ 08:55

  2. I think all of the pictures are great; I love the two with little eyes. I you are all going to be artists one day.

      giddy9 — 01/02/2013 @ 15:10

  3. These are very unusual. My favorite it the cleverly drwn ‘ruler tree’. I like all of the pictures-what is the first one?

      crow5 — 01/02/2013 @ 15:21

  4. very nice camouflages. Who knows what it might be- it’s a mystery!

      captainhooves — 01/02/2013 @ 15:28

  5. The Neinsteins have had two days at school. Twenty of them worked with me last year and are now beginning year 6. They are proving themselves to be amazing mentors to my 12 new Year 5 students. I am going to introduce them to your blog on Friday and which is your Thursday night. The plan is for them to have their first go at commenting on Monday. You can help me mentor all of them by thinking about their comments. I hope that their comments will be useful and support your learning – please keep me posted!

      Ms Bee on behalf of the Neinsteins — 06/02/2013 @ 08:58

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