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Horse Riding

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Every monday I go horse riding  and always look forward to it. As  it is my favourite sport I really enjoy it. Today is a monday and it will be my first day of doing canter and I am a little woried about going on a very fast horse called Beth. I am so scared because last time I fell off while doing canter because the horse bucked.

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  1. hi,
    im Ruth and i love your post, it sounds so fun. i wish i had done that!!

      ruth5 — 18/10/2012 @ 17:47

  2. Hi Caitlin,

    Stickney Primary school were wondering how you got on during your horse ride? You are very brave to get back on a horse after your last experience. Did you enjoy your ride? What are you learning about at the moment? We are looking forward to hearing more from you.

      Year5stickney — 19/10/2012 @ 22:53

  3. Hi Caitlin.
    Would you believe that I have NEVER been on a horse?! I think you sound quite courageous trying to canter again after your fall. Good on you for not letting that experience deter you from trying again. What do you love most about horse riding?
    (Holy Spirit)

      Mary — 22/10/2012 @ 08:15

  4. Dear Caitlin,
    I don’t do horse riding but I would like to try it one day.
    I have riden a horse before at a market and I really enjoyed it. I want a pet horse but it might be to big, but a pony will definitely fit in our back yard but mum wont let me get one.So I will have to stick with a dog which isn’t so bad because my dog (Marley) is really cute and fluffy and very friendly.
    Hannah B (Holly Spirit)

      Hannah B — 23/10/2012 @ 00:49

  5. Hello Caittlin,
    I love horses, I’m guesing you do too. I would love to ride a horse every Monday. I only ride one once a month. But when you fall off what do you do? I only have riden a horse with a rope tied to it.
    From Bridget

      Bridget — 23/10/2012 @ 00:51

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