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My crazy weekend

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On Friday morning I did potato painting with my little brother and went shopping, but in the afternooon my mum called the vets to see if my cat was there, the good news was he was there the bad news was he had died.rip albus.  On Saturday morning my dad went to work again, and in the evening my mum and dad went out for my nans birthday so my grandfather  looked after me. On Sunday morning I went to Southampton shopping center and went into hollister and then I went to an Italian restaurant in the afternoon  I went to my aunts for my nans birthday party and that was my weekend.


  1. Dear Elspeth,
    It sounds like a very crazy weekend. I definitely would not
    like it if I was having a fun time then somthing super sad
    happens nearly 5 minutes after that. I’d love to see a photo
    of your art piece.
    From Hannah (Holy Spirit)

      Hannah.G. — 23/10/2012 @ 00:39

  2. Hi Elpeth,
    What is potato painting?
    It’s sad that your cat Albus died.
    I like Italian restaurants too.
    That is a very busy weekend.
    From Joseph From 3/4MK

      Joseph B — 23/10/2012 @ 00:46

  3. Hi,
    What a sad weekend for you. What is your name?I like cats and all animals but I have cat and I might get a dog.Do you have any other pets other than the ded cat? If you don’t are you going to get a new cat that looks like your old one? I hope you have another pet so that you don’t have to buy a new one and so you don’t get as lonly whilst you get a new cat.From Kai B

      Kai — 23/10/2012 @ 00:52

  4. Dear Elspeth
    That would have been a crazy week.
    I had a crazy week to.
    I had cricket on Friday, Basketball and Dad’s cricket on Saturday and on Sunday I had my basketball Rep training and my birthday party.
    That was my crazy week.
    What is your address because we are going to send you a mystery pack?
    From Ethan.

      Ethan s — 23/10/2012 @ 00:54

  5. A mystery pack? That sounds very exciting!
    Our address is:
    Tamarind Class
    Bishop’s Waltham Junior School
    Oak Road
    Bishop’s Waltham
    SO50 6BP

      Mr Senior — 23/10/2012 @ 12:15

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