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The Lightning Strike

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The Lightning Strike is a rare form of dragon that is only seen at night.

They are the size of a crocodile and are covered in shiny scales. The adult Lightning Strike is a purple and black which enables it to hide at dusk and dawn. However, their babies are born pink and red.

Lightning Strikes live across Bishop’s Waltham in various places in the countryside, especially in trees were they feel safest. They only nest in oak trees, and because they only fly at night, they are very rarely seen.

While most dragons are renowned for hoarding treasure, the Lightning Strike shows no interest in gold, silver or any valuable stones. Their only interest is other dragons and some have married a lot of dragons.

Dragonologists have been concerned for many years that the Lightning Strike has been mistaken for other species and therefore been hunted. Where nests have been discovered, their location has been kept a secret. To protect these shy and beautiful creatures, all animal lovers should put out meat in snowy weather. It would be disastrous if  another species of dragon became extinct.

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  1. Is it possible for babies to blend in with other things?

      Charlotte — 04/02/2013 @ 10:18

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