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The Mini-Monster

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Mini–Monsters are a rare form of dragon which are only seen at dusk and dawn.

Mini–Monsters are easy to identify as they are the size of a pony. They are covered in black and purple scales which cover their body. However, juveniles are born with more of a pinkish tinge. They have a pair of toxic horns that are red. Their red eyes glow at night and their purple wings make them fly higher than the clouds. They wrap their arrow tails around their body when they feel cold. When they are angry, they breathe red fire. Also, they have two sharp teeth that are very long and stick out from their mouths.

Mini–Monsters are only found in the dark volcanos at New Zealand. They also like forests to run around in and, because they only come out at dusk and dawn, they are rarely seen.

They are known for being vegetarians and they love lemons and pineapples. While most dragons are renowned for hoarding treasure, Mini–Monsters take no interest in gold or silver as they would rather climb a volcano. These beautiful and mysterious creatures like humans and some humans have thought about keeping one in their gardens.

Most Mini–Monsters are over 50 years old and already they are becoming extinct. Dragonoligists have been concered for many years that some humans have been shooting these dragons. To protect these beautiful and mysterious creatures, all dragon lovers should leave out fruit or veg. It would be disastrous if another species of dragon became extinct.


  1. I love your picture it looks very realistic. Well done.

      Megan — 04/02/2013 @ 09:22

  2. I like your dragon Georgia, I like yours because it is very realistic.

      Olivia — 04/02/2013 @ 09:28

  3. Georgia I really like your report you put a lot of description.

      Jayden — 04/02/2013 @ 09:40

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