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The Scottish Blocks

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The Scottish Blocks is a common dragon but it only flies at day light.

The Scottish Blocks is easy to identify as it is dark green. They are the size of a 10 year old and they have black wings.  Adults have wings so they are harder to see. However, juveniles are born without wings.

The Scottish Blocks are found across Scotland, especially in big fields where they blend in.  They nest in holes and because they  fly at day light, are seen more.

Unlike most dragons the Scottish Blocks show no interest in gold and silver. They are only interested in playing Minecraft  and ten have made a sever. These gentle and lovely creatures only eat grass. While they are happy, they are not dangerous and some have even been tamed.

The Scottish Block may soon become extinct and therefore make some people sad . To protect the Scottish Blocks you must not mow your lawn. It would be horrible if the Scottish blocks became extinct.


  1. Lots of info harry.

      Sam — 04/02/2013 @ 09:29

  2. Well done and good info but it’s not really blocks it’s rectangles.

      Luke — 04/02/2013 @ 09:35

  3. This is so cool Harry, I love it.

      Alexander — 04/02/2013 @ 09:38

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