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The Spiky Tailed Dragon.

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The Spiky Tailed Dragon is a rare form of dragon which lives in the desert.

The Spiky Tailed Dragon has big blue eyes and a Spiky tail.  When the Spiky Tailed Dragon wakes up in the morning, its hair is really fluffy.  As it is the biggest dragon in the desert, it is easy to identify.

The Spiky Tailed Dragon lives in the desert and only comes out in the summer.

The Spiky Tailed Dragon likes hoarding food like crisps but not cake or any chewy sweets. The Spiky Tailed Dragon’s favourite crisps are hula hoops because they are crunchy.

The Spiky Tailed Dragon is being hunted because of its spikes. If anybody comes near the Spiky Tailed Dragon, the dragon will hit you with its tail.

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  1. You put your comas in the right place.

      James — 04/02/2013 @ 09:27

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