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The Wither Dragon

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The Wither Dragon is a rare form of dragon which is only seen in caves and caverns.

The Wither dragon looks like it’s made of blocks if you look close enough. It look’s like a dragon with one head and tails connecting another body that has three heads so it has four heads.

The Wither Dragon is located in caverns and a world that is called The End.  The End is a scary place which is always dark with evil.  Its habitat is mostly caverns where they look for gold, silver and diamonds.

The Wither Dragon is mostly known for fighting and killing. The three heads on top shoot bombs which are very dangerous to humans and, if they get near you, they are very smelly.

The Wither Dragons main tail is used for mining and digging diamonds, silver and gold.



  1. I like the picture.

      Oliver — 04/02/2013 @ 09:38

  2. Me to.

      Luke — 03/05/2013 @ 15:29

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