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Tuesday 22nd January 2012 – Gymnastics

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In our gymnastics work this term, we have been looking at symmetry and a-symmetry in our positions and our movements. Today, we have been thinking about the precision of our positions, and we took some photographs to help us assess how we are getting on.


  1. I would be reading some of your self assessments. I think that is a fantastic idea to take photos for you to look at. Your gymnastics programme looks challenging and fun 🙂

      Ms Bee on behalf of the Neinsteins — 24/01/2013 @ 18:43

  2. I think it is very good that you are doing gymnastics at school. I do gymnastics myself and for some it can be quite hard for some people; you must have had alot of fun because it surely looks like it. 🙂

      giddy9 — 01/02/2013 @ 15:19

  3. I really enjoyed doing this activity in gymnastics

      georgia — 25/01/2013 @ 13:24

  4. this was really fun and i was the person doing the crab with my partner georgia.

      beth — 25/01/2013 @ 13:28

  5. You are very good at gymnastics and I think you had lots of fun. You all have excellent gymnastic skills!

      stormrabbit — 01/02/2013 @ 15:23

  6. I really enjoyed gymnastics and thought it was fun. Me and my partner Beth done the crab she was really good at it .

      georgia — 25/01/2013 @ 13:28

  7. I think you did the crab very well (by looking at the picture). You looked like you had a lot of fun.

      harrypotter5 — 01/02/2013 @ 15:21

  8. You must have had great fun; it certainly looks like it. You must have a very big gym. What sport is your favorite?

      hermes5 — 01/02/2013 @ 15:22

  9. All that gymnastics looks fun. I wish that we could do that in P.E; it would be so much fun! Though it looks like it takes a bit of practice…

      custard5 — 01/02/2013 @ 15:03

  10. Super balances Tamarind class. I can see that you have been exploring a range of different balances. I am particularly impressed by those of you who have made your partner balanced symmetrical. Keep up the great work.

      Miss Reed — 01/02/2013 @ 15:07

  11. You were all really really good at gymnastics but just a little tip for you: if you are on your back, hold your hips, point your toes and stick your legs up straight.

      derpybird — 01/02/2013 @ 15:19

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