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Wednesday 26th September 2012 – Greek Pot Designs

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In Tamarind Class, we’re getting closer to finishing our Ancient Greek pots.  Today, we pulled together all the elements we have been thinking about into our final designs.  Here are the designs we will be trying to create next week.  If you click on each photo, the pot designer should have left a comment explaining their thought processes!


  1. Hi guys.
    Your pots look fantastic and the designs are quite unique. I really look forward to seeing how your designs translate into the real thing. What materials will you be using to create your pots? Have you been learning about Ancient Greece? What did they use these pots for?
    We have an art show coming up at our school in a couple of weeks and I know our art show committee would love to display your pots!! Bit of a long way to travel though!
    Thanks for sharing your drawings. Look forward to seeing your next ‘pots post’.
    Mary (Holy Spirit)

      Mary — 27/09/2012 @ 11:45

  2. I like them very much

      Grace — 01/10/2012 @ 09:19

  3. can not wait to see your pots I think there be great

      Victoria — 01/10/2012 @ 09:24

  4. I like all of them

      Torryn — 01/10/2012 @ 09:35

  5. the designs look cool!!!!

      Millie — 01/10/2012 @ 09:40

  6. Dear 3 / 4s,

    Your Greek pot designs look amazing. Wow did you come up with such good designs?
    Will you turn you great designs into a clay pots?
    From Mackenzie

      Mackenzie — 23/10/2012 @ 00:50

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