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My Year 5 So Far…

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I am enjoying year 5 so far because I love our new topic ww11 . I’m also liking Year 5 because I am in upper school and like setting examples . Also the work is more of a challange which I like . Year 5 is a really fun year and also you can do more clubs and responsibilities like the school football team cricket team etc .

Later I am looking forward to all the school trips and treats such as Nuffield Theatre and more . I am also looking forward to the next football match .

my year five favorites so far…

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My favorites so far is my teacher Mrs Peach .

Year 5 is my best year so far. year 5 is awsoooooooome so far I hope everyone else is enjoying it too!


My best friend is George.  At play time we play football – Year five vs year six.


























My Time in Tamarind So Far…

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Tamarind is so FUN you will love it ! There is so many trips to go on.  The teachers are so nice, especially the T.A.’s help me on any occasion (especially maths!!!!!)

Every Friday we do music and art p.s. I am not good at art.

I am looking forward to the Nuffield theatre to see fantastic mr fox.

Year 5 So Far…

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I love year 5 so far my favouite lessons so far are Swimming,Maths and English.I am really excited about the Halloween disco. I like my teachers Mrs Peach and Mrs Bradly because they are nice like all the other teachers in the school.I am excited about the since day.  I have all of my friends in my year group. I also like french to but i find it a bit hard.  On a friday we do Music and art which is fun.  We call it Fun and Fantastic friday.

My Best Time In Tamarind Class

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So far in tamarind class it has been fantastic. you will love Mrs peach she is really nice and fun I think you will like her in year five as well. If you struggle with your work wait until you come to year five it is a bit hard but you will get the hang of it so don’t worry about it. if you are going in Mr Geraghty is fun like Mrs peach. When you get homework it hard but like i said you will get the hang of it.


I am looking forward to the Halloween disco because you get to dress up in scary costumes. I am also looking forward to our school trip to the Nuffield Theatre it will be amazing don’t you think? do you know what we are watching [fantastic Mr fox]. our class are having a trip to the dome it will be fun.


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