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My Time In Tamarind So Far….

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So far I am liking Year 5! In English we have been doing non-chronological reports. We did one about walking as a fitness and now we are starting one about whatever we like! My one is one France.

In maths we have been doing perimeter, multiplying and now we are doing area, working it out using multiplacation.

In science we are doing the ongoing subject of butterflies but we are also doing gravity.

In guided reading I am in Ash and we are reading Aquila and have already done LOTS of comprehension work.

Today in French, Mrs Glasspool gave us some sheets to help us write some questions and answers for our friends and my friend from France called Bella had to help lots of people with french words as she speaks fluent french and is EXTREMELY good at it!!!!

In ICT we are writing blogs about Year 5 ( which is exactly what i’m doing now! )

In P.E we are doing gymnastics which I am very good at and I really really enjoy!!!!

In history we are learning about WW2 and the blitz which is really exciting!!

Recently we had an olyimpic gold medalist came in and we got to hold her gold medal it was absolutely amazing! She got it for the skeleton in the winter olyimpics.

By Georgia

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